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luban award for china construction engineering, or luban award for short, is mainly awarded to all kinds of new (expansion) construction projects that have been completed and put into use in china and abroad. meanwhile, the project quality should reach the leading level in china, and it is the highest honor award for project quality in china's construction industry.

on april 10, 1987, china construction industry federation (predecessor of china construction industry association) decided to set up luban award for construction engineering since 1987. in 1990, our company won the first luban prize project and baosteel 2050mm hot rolling plant rolling workshop project.

since 2010, luban award of china construction engineering has been selected every two years, with the total amount of each award no more than 200.

by 2019, shanghai baoye group co., ltd. has won 43 luban awards and won the first luban award for overseas projects - malaysia china kuantan industrial park 3.5 million tons of steel engineering in 2018-2019.