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building information modeling(bim)

bim services


as the leading company of the national building and construction industry, sbc always moves with the times and meets bim technology challenges with novel ideas and creative spirits.


the bim team, founded in 2011, has gained rich practical experiences of bim technology research and application based on construction general contracting projects. through building data information integration on the project information management platform, we provide bim services such as technical support, consulting and information platform etc., for the process of building development, design, construction and delivery.


business scope


1. bim planning

in accordance with different situations of the owner, designer and construction contractor etc., make bim implementary planning and standards meeting enterprise development, and assist bim team set-up for enterprise bim efficient and orderly application.




2. bim consulting

based on bim, provide the client with design development, site planning, digital processing, progress control, 3d scanning, costs, material, quality and safety controls etc., meeting all the needs in project execution process.



3. project information management platform

"baoye cloud" platform, independently developed, is the integrated information synergy management platform for project lifecycle including engineering, design, construction, operating maintenance and dismantle etc., support pc, tablet and mobile multi-platform operating. it assists the client to promote communication and collaborative work efficiency, bim moving forward from technology to management.







bim project experiences


1. zhuhai cross gate cbd

location:xiangzhou district, zhuhai

description:built-up area: 660 thousand㎡, 6 facilities including international exhibition center, international conference center, sheraton hotel, apartment hotel, landmark tower and commercial facility.

height:    landmark tower 328.8 m

introduction: the tower is the landmark of this cbd project. as bim system applied in the whole construction process, it’s more convenient for the construction contractor to inspect whether the design plan reasonable or not. take efficient preventive measures by finding in advance potential hazard like quality, safety and feasibility etc. in construction process. the 3d conduits integration works will greatly reduce site mistakes, reworks and waste, which have immeasurable impelling action on project optimized construction.




2. shenzhen university xili campus

location:nanshan district, shenzhen

description:built-up area around 150 thousand ㎡, underground area 11.5 thousand ㎡, aboveground area 132.5 thousand ㎡, 8 main facilities in total

introduction: the application of bim technology and “baoye cloud platform” successfully copes with the project challenges of large building work quantity, complicated site conditions, municipal and indoor conduits connection difficult for construction, enormous information transfer between involved parties and high requirement on construction general contractor information transfer and multi-party collaborative works. it also improves project management model and level, establishing benchmark for subsequent projects bim implementing and “baoye cloud platform” promotion.




3. luodian large residential community (parcel c10)

location:baoshan district, shanghai

description:parcel c10 cover area 41622.8㎡, built-up area 104612.8㎡, 1292 households in total; 3# & 6# buildings are of prefabricated house structure.

introduction: provide bim technical support in the process of prefabricated house members development, fabrication, transportation, members management and erection etc.




4. jiangmen stadium center

location:jiangmen city, guangdong

description:the project is composed of 4 facilities: exhibition center, gym, natatorium and stadium; built-up area around 202.5 thousand ㎡.

introduction: this project faces challenges of concentrated me conduits, complicated system and steel structure, difficult multi-discipline arrangement and coordination. the application of bim technology on steel structure development, me design development, construction simulation and schedule control etc. reduces the reworks and saves the cost; meanwhile by simulation and optimization of the installation plan, efficiently control the project schedule and promote the refined management level.




5. ha tinh steel-making plant phase 1

location:vung ang economic zone, ha tinh, vietnam

description:main plant of steel-making project built-up area 210 thousand ㎡, public facility built-up area 465 thousand ㎡.

introduction: bim technology study and application on pipe prefabrication, method statement work-out, steel structure design development and logistics management.