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smart construction

bim based intelligent construction site platform management system can be used for project management, with comprehensive application bim, internet of things, cloud computing, big data, mobile communication and other technical means integrate all kinds of data into the smart site cloud platform by arranging all kinds of sensor equipment and wireless sensor network at the construction site. the cloud server intelligently processes the data and links with the feedback control mechanism at the same time. through computers and mobile phones, the construction site personnel, materials, equipment comprehensive monitoring, analysis and control of construction management.


 labor management


through the intelligent access control system, the real name system management of labor personnel is realized, personal information of workers is collected, and data such as daily number of employees and types of work are counted.





material access management


through the intelligent pump and vehicle identification system, the material in and out of the field is monitored to realize the material cost monitoring.





quality and safety site information management


the management personnel shall timely generate a rectification notice for the site problems through the mobile app and issue it to the responsible person. after the site rectification is completed, they can take photos and reply to the management personnel. relevant quality / safety rectification data can be integrated and displayed on the smart site platform.





special equipment management


the tower crane safety monitoring and early warning system is installed on the tower crane to realize the functions of single tower crane operation early warning, group tower operation collision real-time early warning and hoisting whole process early warning, and accumulate big data of the tower crane team to assist in the analysis of tower crane work efficiency.





environmental monitoring and energy consumption monitoring system


the detection equipment on the field equipment can realize the collection of air quality detection, water and electricity consumption, etc.